Why did I start a yoga and meditation app?

I have been purpose driven throughout my career. From ideas about changing the world by promoting handicrafts, or working to create livelihood opportunities for Tibetan refugees, or saving the world from climate change by commercialising clean technologies, I have tried doing it all. While the intention and passion were always there, there wasn’t a clarity of mind nor there was a sense of peace and wellbeing within. And as I met a multitude of people from the various strata in society and spent time on the ground — I realised more and more that all action depended on the people who were facing the issues that they were facing. You can take a horse to water, but….

Self-esteem, motivation, confidence, common sense, and positivity is what differentiated the very few who did extremely well even in dire situations. I am not saying that people don’t need charity or a good government, but what they need more is a belief in their own self and a sense of right and wrong. The farmer who had a green patch in a dried landscape, the little green house in a parched area in Leh, the Tibetan Buddhists who made carpets, the old woman who spent time gardening, the teacher who taught art and craft for free after school in a village — all these people had a spark, a kind of peaceful energy about them, a long term view of things, and a slow and steady way of approaching life . And I didn’t know what it was then, but I was inspired, inspired by the very people I thought I wanted to help.

Yoga came into my life about six years ago when my husband had a back injury and we decided to call a personal trainer home. And funnily, with that began my healing — my body, my breath, my mind, and most importantly — how I feel all the time. It provided me a lightness in the mind and at the same time the strength to make difficult and long term choices. It enlightened me with simple answers to the deepest questions in my mind. What is my purpose? What should be my attitude towards life? With what attitude do I follow religion? How do I be in this moment? What do I strive for? What should be my attitude towards work and family and to all other beings? It also instilled in me a very deep connection with nature.

I completed my 200 hours teacher training course only last year, but more than that I have practiced almost each day for the past three years or so. When I added breathing exercises and meditation to my routine, I saw the magic unfold for me like never before.

I work on the app now to share the immense joy and peace I have discovered through yoga, pranayama, and meditation. I hope it builds awareness, self-love and self-esteem in the users and they are able to uplift themselves from whatever state they may be in.

The purpose of yoga is awareness. It builds awareness and alertness into every aspect of one’s being. And that is what brings relaxation and calm. It is not obvious, but it slowly does become apparent. More about this as I keep sharing in future.



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